It’s back. Bigger, Better & Prouder than ever before!


We’re thrilled to be back and celebrating the amazing work of the control room teams and give them the recognition they so richly deserve.
We are calling for control rooms across the UK and the world to register their teams for a FREE celebration box, which will be filled with everything you need to celebrate the week – from bunting, badges and postcards we’ll kit you out with everything to kick start a great week.

We expect demand to be high, so have opened registration even early this year.

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This years’ International Control Room Week is bigger, bolder and prouder than ever before.

A full week celebrating the amazing work done daily with in the public safety control rooms across the globe.

Join us as we shine the spotlight on all the control room superheroes that work tirelessly 365 days a year, to keep our communities safe and protected.

Registering for your celebration is FREE and simple – click on the button below to register your control room.

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Take a look at what happened last year…

Thousands of control room staff joined together in an extraordinary celebration of their work as the unseen frontline of the emergency services.

They threw their support behind the first International Control Room Week saluting the critical role played by the 999 teams dealing with traumatic and stressful situations on a daily basis.

The week was supported by almost 200 control room operations and more than 10,000 personnel from police, ambulance, fire and coastguard services across the UK, as well as control rooms from as far afield as USA, Australia and India.

Emergency services and their staff took to social media to raise public awareness of their life-saving and life-changing work and share their personal stories of dealing with extreme emergencies.

The launch day saw  hashtag #UnsungHeroes trending nationally as control room staff and supporters spread the word on social media.

Across the week almost 10,000 posts from more than 5,000 individual social media accounts were shared, achieving a total reach of over 30 million people.

International Control Room Week is to recognise and celebrate emergency service control room employees that often go unnoticed and quietly deal with traumatic, life changing situations daily.

The 22 to 28 October 2018 is a week dedicated to celebrating the achievements of truly remarkable people who are at the end of the phone when we need them, keeping us calm, reassuring us and updating us. They stay strong, supporting us through the most difficult of times.

This is the first celebratory week of its kind and its ultimately to say a huge thank you to each and every person working in emergency services control rooms.

We are inviting emergency service control rooms around the world to register for their control room celebration box, which is filled with all sorts of treats and decorations to get in the spirit and join us as we celebrate everything that’s great about the work they do.

Thank You * Gracias * Merci * Tack * Danke Sehr * Dziękuję Ci

Fire controls generally feel remote from the rest of the organisation, a bit of a thankless job so a week where control rooms are recognised is a great way to make staff feel appreciated and know that the role they carry out is vital.  Every emergency starts with a call to a Control Room and those calls are answered by #UnsungHeroes.

Joanne Smith, Senior Operations Manager from London Fire Brigade Control Room 

Check out some of the images from last year…

Download our range of social media assets and postcards

If you’re a control room:

  • Register for your FREE control room celebration box
  • Decorate your control rooms
  • Wear your badges with pride
  • Engage with your teams to spread the word
  • Show us your celebration box in action – tag @APD_Comms
  • Use #UnsungHeroes when posting on social media. You’ll earn £1 for Mind each time you do

If you’re a member of the public:

  • Share your personal experience of an emergency service call
  • Use #UnsungHeroes when posting on social media. You’ll earn £1 for Mind each time you do
  • Leave a message of support to our emergency services control room staff