Here at APD Communications, we launched International Control Room Week. We are a technology business that develops software and infrastructure for the emergency services, and in particular its control rooms. Our admiration and appreciation for the emergency services is unquantifiable – working closely with the services, we understand the live-changing situations its staff face daily.

Creating the International Control Room Week is just a small way to show support and highlight the great work you all do.

Not only that, we have pledged to donate £1 to Mind every time #UnsungHeroes is used across social media and in the press during 22 – 28 October 2018. We’ve pledged our support to create a strong and positive legacy of the International Control Room Week.

We have chosen Mind, as the charity to support throughout International Control Room Week as we know that Mental Health has such an impact on the emergency services.

With over nine in ten workers experiencing stress, low mood and poor mental health at some point while working for the emergency services. The challenging nature of the job, with its unique pressures puts staff at greater risk.
The Blue Light Programme set up by Mind is offering help and support to all emergency services workers.

Figures also show that Control rooms across the UK are dealing with record levels of phone calls on mental health.

Britain’s biggest police force, the Metropolitan received a phone call relating to mental health every five minutes last year. Volumes have grown by nearly a third since 2011-12, according to data released under freedom of information legislation, and officers fear the demand for help from the public will continue to increase.

Mind provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Because of Mind, millions of people have access to free advice and support and this is something that we believe will help reduce the demand on the emergency services.

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Why have APD decided to launch International Control Room Week?

The team at APD spend a lot of time in Control Rooms, you’ll often find us there on a Friday or Saturday night, trying to better understand the operational need of call takers and dispatchers so that we continually improve our products. Each time we attend there is that one call that really sticks with you, goose bumps, heart pounding and possibly the odd tear – when help gets to that caller there is an overwhelming need to thank and congratulate the team working on that incident. The teams say ‘they are just doing their job’ but to us, they’re saving lives every hour or every day – and that needs recognition.

The International Control Room Week is hopefully a way of saying thank you – not just to everyone who has let me sit next to them in a control room and ask a million questions, but to everyone who works in a critical control room. Every time I leave a Control Room I have the overwhelming feeling we need to do more to raise awareness – this is just one of those ways we can use our voice and position in the market to do that.

Rhiannon Beeson, APD Communications Sales & Marketing Manager

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Unsung 999 heroes celebrated as International Control Room Week goes viral

Thousands of control room staff have joined together in an extraordinary celebration of their work as the unseen frontline of the emergency services.

They threw their support behind the first International Control Room Week saluting the critical role played by the 999 teams dealing with traumatic and stressful situations on a daily basis.

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Thousands of heroes in headsets join in a week of celebrating 99 control room employees

The week is aimed at raising public awareness of the life-saving and life-changing work of staff in emergency services control rooms, with more than 185 critical control operations the length and breadth of Britain taking part.

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Download our range of International Control Room Week collateral

Registrations for International Control Room Week are now closed, but please download our International Control Room Week posters, videos and social media graphics to get involved and celebrate your control room.


Why this date?

We know that every day, every week is busy within an emergency services control room so we thought really carefully about the week we choose to celebrate.

We have launched the International Control Room Week from 22 – 28 October 2018 to help lift team spirit and morale before they head in to one of their busiest times of year –  over the Halloween and Bonfire period control rooms experience some of there highest call volumes.

Please join us and celebrate with us.